Inspired by David Caine, I am doing a few experiments. Things that I have never attempted before and are out of my comfort zone. Had to move it by a couple of weeks to account for the festival week.

The results of each experiment shall be published as a log and linked under each experiment once it is over.

1. Fast for 18 hours daily for 30 days

Although I have done 18-6 intermittent fasting before, I haven't done it for 30 days straight. My plan is to skip breakfast and then just have lunch and dinner. It is easier for me to push fast until later in the day than to eat early and then fast.

2. No sugar for 30 days

While fasting, I also want to avoid sugar for 30 days. This means no added or refined sugar or sugary products. Natural sugar would be fine. Have tried this for a few days earlier this year. Want to commit for 30 days straight.

3. Write every day for 30 days

I want to write a lot more on this blog. As a practice, I want to write every day. Does not mean publishing every day, but writing two or three paragraphs.

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