Bangalore Podcast Meetup

Bangalore celebrated the International Podcast Day with a meetup. Here's a roundup.

On the eve of International Podcast Day on 30th of September 2018, a bunch of Bangalore podcasters and podcast enthusiasts got together at a meetup organised by O2Pod, a collective formed by a bunch of Bangalore based podcasters namely The Musafir Stories, The Passion People Podcast and Writer & Geek Show. Thanks to LetsVenture for lending us their gorgeous office space for the meet-up. O2Pod As a collective, O2Pod aims to help introduce podcasts and podcasting to more people, make them aware about how one can consume or create podcasts and of course, explain that Podcasts is not the name...
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Writer & Geek back soon

A quick update on Writer & Geek Show

So, it’s been a while. Writer & Geek show has been on a Sabbatical for close to a month and half. We thought we would give an update on whats happeneing with the show. Here it is: We completed a year on July with our podcasting journey and must say, it has been a fulfiling one! As we are off air, we have been working on revamping a few things. Primary focus is on the website and in making the content better. Over the last years, we have got feedback fromour listeners and we are using this time to work...
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Podcasters' Meetup

Podcasters from the city had a meetup

Over the past few months, few of us from the Bangalore podcasting scene have been meeting once in a while. It wasn’t anything like an official meetup, but it was nice to meet fellow podcasters and share ideas about what works and what does not. It was mostly just four of five of us in a coffee shop. One of us, Saif who hosts the popular travel podcast The Musafir Stories, is pretty active on podcasting community on social media and is good at networking and reaching out to other fellow creators. The result? We had a pretty awesome meetup...
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9 years

It's been 9 years, I've grown apart

It’s been 9 years since I left college as of 3rd July, 2018. Doesn’t seem like a long time but college does seem like something that happened in a different lifetime. I say this because I clearly remember the last day of my stay in the hostel. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. I had written a story based on this few years back in one of my old blogs. The first chapter was a recap of that day. I might reproduce that on this blog someday if I feel like. In a human life, 9 years is a long time....
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Worst moments can bring out the best

Sometimes screwed up situations in life can be a motivation for something awesome

I am always on a lookout for inspiration and one of the ways I do this is by reading blogs written by others. Not necessarily just motivational and goal oriented stuff, but I do love to read personal blogs as well. This gives me a view of the world from a different perspective. A perspective which you might have never seen the world from. Since I started posting here regularly-ish I have had some of my friends share other blogs which they wanted me to check out and the ones they think are cool. I usually read them and give...
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Criticism is an uninvited guest, got to deal with him.

Criticism. If you are doing something, anything, criticism will come knocking at your door like an unwelcome guest. It is uncomfortable to have him around and not easy to get rid of. He lingers around in your house. You lock yourself in your room to not face him sitting and enjoying the coffee in the living room. You then completely stop coming out of your room and everything that is yours is lost. Happened to you? I would be surprised if it hasn’t. I mean, the criticism part, not the guest. Truth be told, criticism sucks. No, don’t try to...
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One year

We sarted something a year back and stuck to it

June 1st marked the first anniversary of Writer & Geek Show, the podcast my brother and I started, taking our late night ramblings to an audience in the hope that it would help them learn few more boring stuff about boring stuff. But our show isn’t boring because Boring x Boring = Not Boring (-ve x -ve is +ve). I know it’s a PJ, that’s why it is here. 🤷🏻‍♂️ We have told our story how we started and all that stuff before but I am gonna say this again here just to make this post longer. I wanted a...
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Gratitude doesn't make you weak

Contrary to popular belief, gratitude isn't weakness

I love working from cafes as I am sure I would’ve said a hundred times before. Last Saturday, I was sitting happily sipping my coffee and getting some work done when I noted three guys with notebooks talking (loudly). The reason I noted them was that they were talking at a decibel level which was higher than my approved level for a cafe. That’s right, my approved level. Well, it is a level I decided as the peak for people to talk in a cafe. Not that the cafe had any such rules but it indeed irritated me. If they...
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Mom, they're just cats

Mom and I had a conversation about our cats and it was kind of funny

Funny conversations aren’t uncommon in my household, in fact, they are very common. We are a family where sarcasm and fun run in the blood. If you think my brother and I are too much I welcome you to meet my mom. At times, she’s a boss. She’s funny too, although sometimes without her knowing that she is. Apart from being funny, we are also animal lovers with a labrador and two kittens who can vouch for this. They rule the house and we are in their service. I am not kidding. 🤨 I had just walked in after spending...
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The Nocturnal Visitor

We had an uninvited visitor to our home and we were glad he didn't get in

I listen to many podcasts. Being a podcaster myself I think there is nothing unnatural about that. I don’t stick to one genre or category. Before I go further, let me tell you that I am not fond of horror movies. I have seen my fair share of horror movies, but to be frank I really do not enjoy them. It is not because I believe in the paranormal, but I feel all stressed and uncomfortable. There I admit it. Before I get into today’s story, which just came into my mind after maybe a decade and a half now,...
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