A Podcasting Primer

So, finally a podcast. Here is what is behind the scenes

Podcasting Around six months back, my brother and I launched the Writer & Geek Show, a podcast where we geek out on topics from science, tech, history and culture. We did this because we wanted our conversations to extend beyond the confines of our rooms and provide value and information to people who are interested in these topics. Podcast is an on demand media streaming and download. As of today there are hundreds of thousands of podcasts around the world. Many businesses do podcasts to establish their excellence in their domain. Others do it for fun. But in past few...
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Working from coffee shops

I love working from coffee shops. Here's why.

I have been trying working from cafe for the past couple of weeks. Since I have a day job saving the planet on weekdays, I wanted to try working from a coffee shop on the weekends. I have few side projects like my podcast, blog etc. I wanted to try working on these over the weekends. I must say that it has been a good decision so far. I am of the kind that gets distracted unless I am in an environment with constraints. By constraints I mean that if I have ample resources available, I end up procrastinating. But...
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After a year or so

You always gravitate to what you love, or so I think

Its been almost a year since I left coding and also updating this blog. This was supposed to be my code blog. But various things kept me away from actively coding (yeah the regular excuses :wink:). Anyway, I happened to read somewhere that Laravel 5.6 was released, so wanted to see what has changed. I have used Laravel since it was in 4.1, I think sometime back in early 2014 sometime. I had never used a framework till then but was amazed at the ease of building a web application using this wonderful framework. I was hooked. I was working...
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Agile the wrong way

Does agile scale as well for bigger teams?

The company’s performance is downhill and higher management has decided after quite a bit of time and money spent on research that the process is to be blamed. The usual good ‘old waterfall model just isn’t working. We got to get a new VP. The new boss steps in and calls a meeting. The first item on his agenda is: Let’s go agile! Yes, you heard it. Let’s go agile. Agile was this awesome new methodology that was supposed to increase development productivity and bring in a faster cycle of product development. Where in the traditional waterfall model, the shipping...
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Styling Git Bash

How to style and modify your git-bash prompt

When it comes to the tools I use, I like minimalism. I like to have the bare minimum of everything and make them look good. This is one of the reasons though an IDE can be really useful in some cases, I always stick to code editors like VSCode that I currently use. Since I mentioned VSCode, I love using the built-in terminal that ships with it. On Windows, I use Git Bash as integrated terminal within VSCode. You can add any of the terminals you like by adding any one of the following statement into your settings file. //...
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The Pomodoro Technique

Time management can be difficult. But we have Pomodoro!

My biggest challenge with doing any kind of work has always been focusing and being productive. There are all these interruptions that usually keep you from having uninterrupted focus time while performing any work. That urge to check the WhatsApp notification, check who just liked your Instagram picture etc. Focus time is very important to get any work completed. If you do not have a duration of time without switching between tasks, getting things done will be a challenge. Rather that complaining that we have no time, we have to make good use of our 24 hours. I have been...
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Chrome DevTools Tips

Chrome DevTools is awesome. How well do you know it?

Chrome is the default browser I use. This is mainly because of DevTools. I love to use it during any development that I do. DevTools makes life incredibly easy and productive. Let’s take a look at a few things we can do with DevTools that are really cool. Scroll to view: This is a very useful feature if you spend a lot of time fiddling with UI elements in the dev tools. Usually, when you do inspect element on an UI element, it opens up the dev tools with that item selected. But if in some cases if the element...
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Email attachments using Laravel

Easy way to send attachments with your emails using Laravel

If you have used Laravel framework, you would know that it abstracts some of the difficults tasks. I have used it in past for various projects and have seen a great improvement in productivity within my teams. Lately Laravel has been gaining popularity amongst developers. If you have ever built a SAAS app or even a small reporting app for your boss, it would have some kind of a built-in mailing system either to send the users some information or to mail that report to your boss at the end of the week. While this is not so complicated using...
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Prevent mass assignment in .NET Core

Prevent the manipulation of posted data in Asp.Net Core using data attributes

A mass-assignment vulnerability occurs when a user passes an HTTP parameter through a request, and that parameter changes a value in your database that isn’t expected to be changed. For example, suppose you have a user authentication system where there are normal users and admin users. Admins have access to protected system settings and have rights to modify them. By default, every user that signs up will be a normal user. Suppose you have a flag within your database called is_admin that determines whether a user is an admin or not. A hacker user might send an is_admin parameter through...
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.NET Core - MVC

Intro to .NET Core MVC app using cli

In the previous post, we learnt how to create a basic .NET Core console app. But I think that isn’t what you are looking for. You are looking for something that is, even more, fun than a basic console app. You want something that works on the internet! That’s right, you want a web app. In this post, we will see what happens when we choose mvc instead of console while we used the dotnet new command which we used earlier. But before we jump into creating an MVC app, let’s try to take our console app and make it...
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