Mom, they're just cats

Mom and I had a conversation about our cats and it was kind of funny

Funny conversations aren’t uncommon in my household, in fact, they are very common. We are a family where sarcasm and fun run in the blood. If you think my brother and I are too much I welcome you to meet my mom. At times, she’s a boss. She’s funny too, although sometimes without her knowing ht she is. Apart from being funny, we are also animal lovers with a labrador and two kittens to vouch for us. They rule the house and we are in their service. I am not kidding. 🤨 I had just walked in after spending some...
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The Nocturnal Visitor

We had an uninvited visitor to our home and we were glad he didn't get in

I listen to many podcasts. Being a podcaster myself I think there is nothing unnatural about that. I don’t stick to one genre or category. Before I go further, let me tell you that I am not fond of horror movies. I have seen my fair share of horror movies, but to be frank I really do not enjoy them. It is not because I believe in the paranormal, but I feel all stressed and uncomfortable. There I admit it. Before I get into today’s story, which just came into my mind after maybe a decade and a half now,...
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Passion didn't work for me

Why I had to try different things and passion never worked for me

For a while, I considered myself a failure. During my early years in school, I was an average student. I was the class topper in my lower primary school but somehow settled in the middle of the pack as I grew up. But towards my high school, I became a popular kid in the school and was happy with where I was with minor academic hiccups. I say minor, but at the time I felt my world had crashed. More on that later. :wink: When I was a happy school kid (far left) As I moved to college I started...
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Being Busy

A busy man knows what he is doing with his time

I must say that I feel a little proud of myself to be doing things that I want to do and being a little better at managing time than what I used to be a year ago. Much of it can be attributed to the one commitment I made a year back, starting Writer & Geek Show. I have learnt ways to find the time and stick to the commitments, again, I am not yet there. It’s work in progress. But one thing that I realised which I had only read before is that being busy isn’t not having time,...
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I have come a long way. Still a long way to go.

So, it has been a while since I have actively written stuff. I used to have regular posts on this website but in the past one year, priorities have changed and my goals have changed too. Hence there has been a makeover on this website on the topics of my articles and also a little change to the layout. Biggest change perhaps is the title. It reads “vp’s café”. What’s that? Is it cheesy? Well yeah, it damn well is. Change is the only constant. I know, an over-used quote. But I just don’t care :laughing: I have been experimenting...
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Interviewed by The ShanMan on Podcasting

So, finally I gave an interview on podcasting.

The Interview I’ve been podcasting at Writer & Geek Show since Jun 2017. In doing so, I have researched a lot on the internet about podcasting. From the equipments required to the format and how long the episode should be - everything was a part of my research. Google, YouTube, blogs, I’ve been to countless sources trying to extract the last drops of knowledge on podcasting. I was most satisfied with YouTube. I watched many videos on podcasting style, audio editing tutorials, microphone reviews etc. One channel in particular ended up being my favourite and that was run by ShanMan....
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A Podcasting Primer

So, finally a podcast. Here is what is behind the scenes

Podcasting Around six months back, my brother and I launched the Writer & Geek Show, a podcast where we geek out on topics from science, tech, history and culture. We did this because we wanted our conversations to extend beyond the confines of our rooms and provide value and information to people who are interested in these topics. Podcast is an on demand media streaming and download. As of today there are hundreds of thousands of podcasts around the world. Many businesses do podcasts to establish their excellence in their domain. Others do it for fun. But in past few...
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Working from coffee shops

I love working from coffee shops. Here's why.

I have been trying working from cafe for the past couple of weeks. Since I have a day job saving the planet on weekdays, I wanted to try working from a coffee shop on the weekends. I have few side projects like my podcast, blog etc. I wanted to try working on these over the weekends. I must say that it has been a good decision so far. I am of the kind that gets distracted unless I am in an environment with constraints. By constraints I mean that if I have ample resources available, I end up procrastinating. But...
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After a year or so

You always gravitate to what you love, or so I think

Its been almost a year since I left coding and also updating this blog. This was supposed to be my code blog. But various things kept me away from actively coding (yeah the regular excuses :wink:). Anyway, I happened to read somewhere that Laravel 5.6 was released, so wanted to see what has changed. I have used Laravel since it was in 4.1, I think sometime back in early 2014 sometime. I had never used a framework till then but was amazed at the ease of building a web application using this wonderful framework. I was hooked. I was working...
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Agile the wrong way

Does agile scale as well for bigger teams?

The company’s performance is downhill and higher management has decided after quite a bit of time and money spent on research that the process is to be blamed. The usual good ‘old waterfall model just isn’t working. We got to get a new VP. The new boss steps in and calls a meeting. The first item on his agenda is: Let’s go agile! Yes, you heard it. Let’s go agile. Agile was this awesome new methodology that was supposed to increase development productivity and bring in a faster cycle of product development. Where in the traditional waterfall model, the shipping...
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