What lies beyond?

When I was younger, the presence of god in my life gave me explanation for everything. But as I grew up, certain things became harder to explain.

One such thing was our existence. Existence of this world, the universe.

I find it hard to believe that the universe exists for our sake. Given the size of it, it seems and overkill to have all this created for mortal humans.

Yet in all our mythological descriptions, the narrative centres around humans. Flora and fauna do get represented thanks to the ties with humanity. But the perspective of storytelling is always human centric.

One may argue that it is because we only have access to the accounts that we have written. There could be a different version of holy books in different parts of our universe. Or even in the multiverse.

I wouldn't get into the religious aspects of this discussion. But I do wonder, whoever or whatever created this universe, did design us. This complex being with thoughts, emotions, complex brain functions.

It also makes me wonder, if there isn't a creator, what set the events in motion? Everything happening now is a result of an action. There are billions of trillions of things happening in the universe now. If we trace them back like a chain reaction, we would narrowing down to the first action. It could be the Big Bang, or it could be something else.

The beauty lies in not knowing. Not knowing what caused all this. not knowing what is beyond this or how big this is. It is like playing video game and wondering what is beyond the visible map. Is there something even?

The answer is, it can be anything you want. We may or may not be here by chance. You get to decide.

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