The Biggest Hurdle

I read a complete book in one sitting, the first time in twenty years. I did that by removing the biggest hurdle that held me back all these years.

The internet.

Since I got the taste of the internet in my teens, it has been a silent time killer. In the past twenty years, I have spent more time online and connected than otherwise.

The result - days flying by without accomplishing much of anything. Doomscrolling and engaging in a pointless online war of words with strangers. Incessant media consumption. Videos, podcasts, the works.

Hide your phone and you have added more time to your life.

The reason I was able to complete reading my book was that I disconnected myself from the internet. Hours of no phone, no videos, no podcasts, no music.

I could write much more than I have done in the past five years. The obvious but guaranteed way is to disconnect. I experienced it. It worked.

I intend to do this more. Leave the phone somewhere, shut the computer and disconnect from the noise.

There is more to do outside the screen than in it. I want to do that.

That is the thought for today.

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