Succinct Writing

I figured out what makes the writing of my favourite authors awesome.

They are succinct writers. No fluff, pure gold.

The popularity of Twitter correlates to the character limit of 140 that was in place earlier. You had to get to the point in a few words. Which removed the extra words from the tweet and made it succinct.

If your article can be a sentence, so be it.

I thought writing had to be long, with complex words and expressions. But that makes it hard for the readers to relate to the message. My writing was nothing like how I would speak. I wrote complex words to fill up my sentences. I thought it made me sound smart.

The idea is not to sound smart but to convey the message, as straightforwardly as possible.

Succinct writing doesn't mean writing shallow subjects. You can go deep into any topic and convey the message. It forces you to find the least number of words to get your point across. Every word should fight for it's place.

Succinct writing is clear and easier to relate to and engage with. Respect the time of your audience. Get to the point quicker. No complex sentences, no complex references. Plain writing.

Less words, more mass.

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