I have had a blog in some form or the other on this domain and a few other domains for about the past 14 years. But In each of those iterations, I have made things complicated to the extent that it seemed like a chore to write articles for the blog.

Sometimes I would complicate the design, and sometimes I would feel like I needed a better hosting platform for my blog. Sometimes I feel I should have a WYSIWYG editor and other times I felt geeky to write in markdown.

The last version of this blog was written in Jekyll and hosted on GitHub pages. That was a simple setup, but now I have it repurposed to host a different site that I am maintaining.

I realised that all the while I have been making things more difficult and complicated for myself. My purpose of having a blog is to get the thoughts out and share knowledge. Most of it that comes as a part of life experiences.

But I ended up spending most of my time trying to find inspiration from other popular blogs and then tweaking the design and functionality of the blog rather than writing stuff.

I have always been a fan of Derek Sivers and have admired his blog and the simplicity in his writing. His blog is just focused on one thing - the text content. He is a ruthless editor and you will not find anything in his articles that doesn't deserve a place there.

Following this philosophy, I have decided to move my blog to be hosted on Bear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ. I love the simplicity here and have decided to stay for a while since Herman promises, this will stay here forever!

So, here it goes. A simplified blog and an internet home.

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