Coffee to Beat Procrastination

Ordering a coffee cured my procrastination.

Over the years, I have procrastinated on various things. Many side projects, reading books, writing blogs and so on. My current focus is on a writing project. I realised that I needed to be somewhere where no distractions would take my focus away.

I started heading to a small cafe after my morning walks. Would order a coffee (Iced Americano) and refrain from the internet. Then continuous writing for about an hour or so. It works. I am not distracted, I do not waste time on YouTube.

In his book Atomic Habits, author James Clear says:

It is important to remember that the environment drives our good behaviours as well as our bad ones. People who seem to stick to good habits with ease are often benefitting from an environment that makes those behaviours easier.

Cut distractions in your environment. Get things done.

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