Embracing Discomfort

I may have mentioned, I love working from cafes. It is a different vibe and a change of scene from working at my desk at home. I use the time for writing and researching stuff. Many of these blog posts have their genesis in a coffee shop in the city.

In most of these favourites of mine, there is always a favourite seat or a location. I check in early to ensure that I get one of those seats. I used to feel uncomfortable when the seat is taken or if I am forced to take an alternative for some reason.

Last time this happened, I decided that next time even if the seat is available, I am going to seat myself somewhere else. I want to embrace the discomfort and not worry about my location.

The work I do should not be affected by where I sit. The only way to achieve that is by putting myself in a situation where I am uncomfortable.

While writing this, the person who was occupying my favourite seat has taken off. Any other day, I would've taken the place, but today, I am not. I am seated elsewhere and I am embracing it.

Let the discomfort come, and go.

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