For acceptance, be yourself

If you are an introvert, you'd understand how hard it is to keep up with the expectations of social media. Whether you like it or not, you are almost always pulled into some sort of group or family chat. The agenda seems to be wishing people on their birthdays and anniversaries. 

While I am not against celebrations and milestones, I am not a big fan of forced commitments.

As you age, you realise that the time available seems to be reducing by the year. At 35, you start counting how many more healthy years you have got left.  Considering say 70 as the dawn of old age, you have crossed half of it already.

With this, you seem to care less and less about what others think.

Setting early expectations is beneficial

I have had difficult time setting boundaries and expectations. Inevitably, I have seen myself end up in situations where I was unhappy.

It has been beneficial to set clear expectations on the outset and then let people accept me as I am.

If you are "that guy'" in the group who is never active in the group, over a period of time people accept you as you are.

Not that they are happy about it, but there is nothing much they can do about it.

It is easier to be yourself

There is that point in life when one learns that it is far easier to be yourself. Maintaining a charade is an energy-consuming process.

My constant endeavour for the rest of my life would be to be myself against all odds. It is not an easy thing to do, but life is not about easy things always.

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