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What's up With the Podcast?

What's up With the Podcast?

. 2 min read

Some of you here might know that my brother and I host a podcast. If you've been following along, we haven't been publishing new episodes lately. Although December was meant purely for rest, jest, food and family, we are far behind from bringing back the regular schedule of our podcast. Let me give you a little update about what's happening.

We started back in 2017. It feels ancient. Well, so it's been about three years. We have had a pretty good run. Were able to make a mark in the podcasting scene here in Bengaluru. Although we loved every minute of the process of producing and episode, we felt that it is time to take it to the next level.

Our show is mostly one of us researching about a topic and then us rambling on. While starting off, it was pretty much an experimental side project. Not to say that we weren't ambitious, we wanted it to become something. So, in the pursuit of making it something, we have decided to make some changes to the way that we do things at Writer & Geek.

  • Bring in the narration: When we started, some of our earlier stories had voiceover narrations included. Although we aren't yet good with it, we wanna bring that back in our conversations. Some of the topics we have chosen for the upcoming episodes have scope for narrations to be included and we are currently working on mixing the first episode of the year complete with narration and stuff!
  • Go deep: We want our episodes to go as deep as possible into a topic. We know that we always stated that our episodes are the entry point to stir up the curiosity of our audience. But I believe that one of the areas for us to add upon is to go deeper. Now that means that a topic might be split across multiple episodes like a series.
  • Frequency: We had been on a weekly new episode mode (or at least that's what we always said) but with all the said changes, it would be almost impossible for us to maintain a weekly schedule. This is being worked upon to understand how many episodes can be released a month without it being a daunting task for us. Shall let y'all know when we make a decision.

That's pretty much it. Although there is a long silence, our mics are cracking, mixers are mixing and tracks are being exported. We'll be back before this month is out. Thanks for all your support and for being patient. Good news is that even in our absence, we have been doing great. Thanks for being the best to us. Appreciate it. 😇


I am a software engineer and podcaster from Bangalore, India. During my downtime, I dabble in photography, little music and making YouTube videos about lifestyle, productivity, tech etc.

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