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Podlist: February 2020

Podlist: February 2020

. 3 min read

I love listening to podcasts. Now that we have got that out of the way, here is a list of podcasts that I have been listening this month. Since this is the first of these, I am including some stuff that I listened during December and January as well. Without any more jibber-jabber, here you go in no particular order:

1. Darknet Diaries

This one is my absolute favourite of the lot! Welcome to the spooky world of dark net and hacking and stuff. The Anonymous host, Jack Rhysider take you through stories that would send chills to your spine. Stories about hacking, darknet black markets and even an episode on the security issues with Aadhar.  If you love to listen amazing (read spooky) stories about internet, darknet & online security, this is the podcast to listen to.

2. Business Wars

I started listening to Business Wars based on someone's suggestion on Twitter and boy I was hooked! I binge listen to all the episodes and absolutely loved the narrative storytelling format about the rival companies and their business history. The music, drama and narration is on point and you'd fascinated to listen to (sometimes dark) history of some of the companies that are very familiar.

3. 9 Days in July

As I would've probably mentioned dozens of times before, love geeking about space. Be it an article, a book, a video or a podcast, I love them all. Earlier in 2019, I had listened to 13 Minutes to the Moon by BBC and I was blown away by the production quality. When I heard about 9 Days though, I thought it might just be another podcast on the heroic journey of the astronauts and the tense final moments of landing and return. Boy was I wrong! I am glad I was wrong.

The amazing storytelling and the non-linear narrative is just amazing. You get a glimpse into the astronauts personal lives, the beginnings of the Apollo Program and also debunks many myths, including President Kennedy's apparent love for space program. If you are a space enthusiast, you should not miss this one.

4. Dog Tales

This is one of my recent favourites and the only podcast that has been a tearjerker. Some of the most heroic and unbelievable stories about dogs, narrated every week. These stories bring to light some of the truths behind their life. The most recent episode featured Laika, the space dog. For years I had imagined that she had an amazing life and a peaceful death. But this was far from truth. Go listen to the stories of these canines, you'll love them.

5. Hidden Brain

Okay, I know that you love Hidden Brain too. But to be honest, I started listening to the show after meeting it's esteemed host Mr. Shankar Vedantam. I was lucky enough to sit and have a coffee with the man last year and ever since and have binge listened this brilliant show. He ventures into the depth of human psychology and other related topics and overall, this is pure amazing education. Listen to the show if you already aren't, you'll be fascinated.

6. Today Explained

If you are interested in keeping up with political climate and current affairs, this is an awesome podcast from Vox. Sean Rameshwaram does a fantastic job of talking of an important stuff each weekday.

7. Derek Sivers

I was an avid reader of Derek's blog few years back. Derek is the founder of CD Baby. Recently my colleague mentioned that he has launched a podcast as well and I subscribed immediately. There are very well condensed 1-3 min episodes on a topic. No nonsense and just enough to drive the point home. Check it out, you'd love it.

8. History Extra Podcast

I am a big fan of Dan Jones, the British historian. Recently watched a series called Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty: The Plantagenets on chronicling the Plantagenist dynasty in Britain during middle ages. The story marvels the Game of Thrones stories. I was curious to see of Dan Jones had a podcast or at least if he was a guest on any. That is when I came across History Extra Podcast.

I must admit that I listened only to those episodes that featured Jones, but I really loved the history episodes with in depth description of certain events from medieval world. I was driving alone for about 600 km mid of Jan, so queued up all these episodes during my trip back home. Some of the episodes I listened where on Crusades, Knights Templar, Joan of Arc, A year in Medieval England.


These have been the podcasts that have kept me busy in the past couple of months. I look forward to listening mostly podcasts from India for the month of March and shall publish a post with the details of my favourite ones.


I am a software engineer, podcaster and audiophile from Bangalore, India. During my downtime, I dabble in photography, music and making YouTube videos about audio stuff, productivity, tech etc.

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