One year

One year

We sarted something a year back and stuck to it

June 1st marked the first anniversary of Writer & Geek Show, the podcast my brother and I started, taking our late night ramblings to an audience in the hope that it would help them learn few more boring stuff about boring stuff. But our show isn’t boring because Boring x Boring = Not Boring (-ve x -ve is +ve). I know it’s a PJ, that’s why it is here. 🤷🏻‍♂️

We have told our story how we started and all that stuff before but I am gonna say this again here just to make this post longer. I wanted a side project and I loved podcasts. Put the idea across to my brother, he agreed, though I suspect rather sceptically. There started our journey.

Who would've thought these goofy guys would stick to podcasting for one straight year? And who orders chicken wings with coffee?


Initially, it was just us and our close friends and relatives listening. But slowly and steadily we grew. Starting a podcast has been a great experience and I did learn a few things from it:

  • Starting is easy, keeping it going isn’t: Over the past years, I have started many side projects. Coding apps, blogs, bands and (almost) a YouTube channel. This blog, for example, had a long period of inactivity. I learnt that is it really hard to stick to something and overcoming that urge to give up differentiates your likes from your passion. For me, doing this podcast consistently for past one year made me realise that it is my passion indeed!

  • Good things take time: Everything good takes time. Like a fine wine or a freshly brewed coffee. When you start something on the side, like a podcast or a blog, it might take a long time before you get any traction. Initially, you might not see much episode downloads in case of a podcast or page views when it comes to the blog. But if you stick to putting out content consistently, you’d see some traction. So, stick on.

  • People don’t care: You might be really surprised how many people just don’t care. When you create something, you have this expectation that if no one else at least you near and dears would take a look what you are doing. But that’s not always the case. This is not a blame, it is just that everyone has a small attention span. Ain’t nobody got no time! So, be prepared to be (unpleasantly) surprised.

  • People care: Yeah, this is a 180° from the previous point but it is true. Some people do care. Some people want to see you succeed in life and in the things you do. You get to know who they are as you move along the path to success with the things that you do. They are the ones who keep you moving also give you that kick in the butt when you need it.

  • Integration: That’s right, integration! The same thing that you learnt in math class. I remember that I hated it. Regular mathematics was hard, what was this new thing. Thank you, Mr Newton and Mr Leibniz. But some of the principles of calculus can be applied in real life too. Small changes over time lead to a big change. Integration says the same thing. It takes time to be good at something. Nothing happens overnight. Patience is the key. Remember integration.

Show up every day for two years
- Sean McCabe

We are halfway there Sean!


There are many whom I would like to thank for the support they’ve given us. To the ones who listen regularly, my friends, teachers, colleagues and our friends from podcasting community. Thanks to everyone!

Special thanks to Rishikesh Sir, who helped us conduct a seminar in the Christ University here in Bangalore and has been a supporter and advocate of podcasting in general.

When it comes to podcasting I have many people to thank for teaching me the basics of the trade. My biggest thanks to Shan Man! I have learnt a great deal from him and was honoured to be featured on his YouTube channel. When it comes to the process, I have learnt a great deal from Sean McCabe.

There are a lot of people to thank and if I have missed anyone it isn’t intentional. Also to all my friends who do not listen, thanks. After seeing this if you still don’t listen, I’ll find you and don’t dare lie, I have analytics 🤨

So, take that side project that you have shelved and do something with it. Doing great thing starts with doing small things. So, do not restrict yourselves. Do not wait for perfection, just go ahead and do it!

Right now, we are celebrating our first Podcasting Anniversary 🎉