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On YouTube!

On YouTube!

. 3 min read

After years of speculations and procrastination, finally launched my YouTube channel. Should've probably not waited for so long. Butter late than never!

I have been a podcaster for just about three years now and have been blogging for about 10 years. YouTube was another medium that fascinated me and I have always wanted to start a channel.

I have posted a couple of 'how to' videos related to some coding stuff and one of those videos have got about 2k+ views and I am amazed how that ever happened.

After years of speculations and procrastination, finally released my first made for YouTube type video which lists down few of the interesting things I came across in the month of April.

Lockdown has been hard, but also has been a break from the ultra fast life and gave some extra time in a day to do and explore other stuff. While skimming the internet for information, I came across few things that made some sort of impact in my life.

1.  1865 - A podcast from Wondery

I am a podcast listener since 2013 and love a well produced one. 1865 is just a treat to your ears. A well produced show with insights into one of the most infamous assassinations of modern times, the show delivers a punch that is not often seen elsewhere.

The voice actor have done an incredibly commendable job and you might just forget this is just audio. Authoritative figure of Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War seems to be existing somewhere within your dimension as the audio puts your brain into a blissful frenzy. If you love a good audio drama, do not miss this one.

2. Derek Sivers' blog

I have been a follower of Derek since I saw his TED video about Leadership lessons from the dancing guy back in the day. This might be cheating since I did not stumble upon his blog in April of 2020, but I binge-read all most of his content during this month and felt that it is okay to include this as a part of this list as well.

Derek is known as the founder of CD Baby and has ever since made millions selling his company, lived a life with intention and minimalism. He has documented everything on his equally minimal blog here. Absolutely love his writings and his podcasts.

This one idea from his blog resonated with me:

When deciding whether to do something, if you feel anything less than  “Wow! That would be amazing! Absolutely! Hell yeah!” — then say “no.”

3. Atomic Habits by James Clear

I got a physical copy of Atomic Habits during the first week of March, not knowing that we would end up spending months indoors. But that came as a blessing because using the ideas and processes mentioned in the book, I was able to become more productive and push myself to do things even when motivation wasn't around the corner.

I have been following James' blog for year and the book was a treasure of brilliant concepts. In one of the chapters, he talks about the influence of environment on habit formation and gives us this brilliant insight:

The primary axis of the Americas runs from north to south. That is, the  landmass of North and South America tends to be tall and thin rather  than wide and fat. The same is generally true for Africa. Meanwhile, the  landmass that makes up Europe, Asia, and the Middle East is the  opposite. This massive stretch of land tends to be more east-west in  shape. According to Diamond, this difference in shape played a  significant role in the spread of agriculture over the centuries.

Mind = Blown!

4. Roam Research

This has been one of the most impactful find of the month. Roam Research, to put simple is a note taking app capable of bidirectional linking of information, pretty much how it is in our brain.

It makes note taking pretty easy by allowing you to braindump your idea instead of figuring out how to format your ideas so they are easily retrievable later. Roam internally creates links between specific terms that you jot down as a part of your note taking process.

Biggest game changer for me is the daily journaling that is built into Roam. The first page everyday is a page with that day's date as heading. I love it and started journaling daily after about 15 years of break.

I wouldn't try and explain how all this works, but here are some excellent sources to learn how to use Roam. Ever since recording this video, Roam has moved into an invite only private beta.

Learning resources:

That's it for this month, looking forward to seeing you in the next video!


I am a software engineer and podcaster from Bangalore, India. During my downtime, I dabble in photography, little music and making YouTube videos about lifestyle, productivity, tech etc.

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