The 14 inch M1 MacBook Pro is a 'heavy' lifter

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The 14 inch M1 MacBook Pro is a 'heavy' lifter

About three weeks ago, I ended up buying the most powerful computer I have ever owned. A weekend mall trip turned into an all out shopping at Apple store, the one which we least regret.

My wife got herself an Apple watch and I got an opportunity to spend some time looking around my favourite kind of products - iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, AirPods etc.

This was just around the time when M2 MacBook Airs had landed in the stores and I had it in back of my mind to get one of those for myself one day. My wife is very supportive of all my purchases of Apple devices so far, she knows I passionately love everything Apple makes. I have my reasons. Been actively using tech for about two decades now and I am yet to see products that seamlessly fit into my lifestyle.

I can imagine the general dissent against anyone who passionately loves Apple products, but I would encourage anyone feeling so to sit down and talk to someone who has used them and ask them why they love these products.

Hands on with the Pro

Once we had settled on the watch, I was generally toying around with the idea of exchanging my 2019 MacBook 13” for an Air model. One thing led to the other and I ended up walking out of the shop with a base model M1 MacBook Pro 14”.

A couple of hours of use back home made me realise that non of the use cases OI currently have for my projects (video, podcasts etc) would every utilise the full capabilities of this beast.

That is a good thing, this one is going to last a long time and I intend to fully use it until something comes and drasticlly alters my plans, maybe five years down the line.

The first thing that made it appealing was the return of all the ports and the magsafe charging port. I don’t have to scramble for docs and converters anymore and can pretty much plug in all the devices directly. Would’ve loved to see a USB type A, but most devices are USB C anyway, so no major issues there.

The screen is amazing and absolutely a treat to work on. Because of how good the screen is, I haven’t connected it to an external monitor yet as I did with previous models of my MacBooks.

The keyboard is back being amazing, absolutely hated the butterfly or whatever keyboard on my earlier model. They were pure trash to type on. Not sure who though that was a great idea.

Although I generally use my Keychron K6 mechanical keyboard, ever since I have got this MacBook, I see myself using the built in keyboard more often.

Makes me wonder if I had got this one earlier, would I need a monitor and a keyboard. Might need to upgrade the monitor to something that matches this screen. That’s for another day.

The trackpad

One thing that makes an Apple Laptop worth every penny is the trackpad. I have used many other laptops, but none of them gives the sheer joy of using a Mac trackpad.

They are just the most responsive, functional and well built. Smooth as butter, they make moving around the cursor around the screen in itself a great experience.

Now this is not specific to MacBook Pro, all the Macs come with awesome trackpad. I just love it a lot.

What makes it worth

The pure joy of knowing that this one portable device can handle every task that I could throw at it, is in itself an amazing thing. I have owned my share of laptops in the past, but none of them ever gave me the same confidence that this laptop gives me.

This MacBook is also heavier than the 13 inch models and definitely more heavier than MacBook air models. But given that I carry it around in my backback, extra half a kilogram does not make much of a difference. Although I do understand that size and weight are constraints for certain use cases. I haven’t felt a difficulty yet.

I’d say the only drawback I could think of while using the MacBook is constant anxiety of breaking it, dropping it or spilling something over it. I have got myself a hard case that fits over it, gives me some relief.

It is a beautiful looking machine, expensive as well. You don’t wanna break it.

It is unimaginable how much powerful computers have become lately. If my teenage self knew that in feature computers would be using RAMs many times more than my total HDD capacity at the time, I woulsn’t have believed it.

At the end of the day, the responsiveness of a Mac can hardly be overstated. It has everything I need to get the job done and more. It never hesitates before doing any task and nore does it ever make me wait for anything.

It is like one of the electric cars. Instant torque!

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