Mom, they're just cats

Mom, they're just cats

Mom and I had a conversation about our cats and it was kind of funny

Funny conversations aren’t uncommon in my household, in fact, they are very common. We are a family where sarcasm and fun run in the blood. If you think my brother and I are too much I welcome you to meet my mom. At times, she’s a boss.

She’s funny too, although sometimes without her knowing that she is. Apart from being funny, we are also animal lovers with a labrador and two kittens who can vouch for this. They rule the house and we are in their service. I am not kidding. 🤨

I had just walked in after spending some time in a cafe having my morning coffee and getting some work done. On the way back I stopped to get some fish and chicken. Weekends we usually have one or the other. I was putting these in the freezer. She wanted to make fish that day.

I decided to take it out of the package for her to take over and prepare the fish. Meanwhile, the two cats were resting after their wrestling match on the top of the washing machine. Yeah, they like all weird places to rest. This is how the conversation went in Malayalam which I am translating here:

Me: “I’ll unpack the fish”

Mom: “No no, wait!”

Me: “Why what happened?”

Mom: “The cats will wake up and smelling the thing when you unpack it, I’ll do it later”

Me: “The thing?

Mom: “Yeah, the thing you were planning to unpack” referring to the fish.

Me: “Mom, you know they don’t understand our language, you can say fish. They’re just cats!”

To this, she says nothing and ignores me as if I said something really stupid which she doesn’t have time to respond or even cares to respond. Who am I to decide whether cats are people or just animals that don’t speak or understand our language? After all, they rule.

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I felt like an outsider.