Interviewed by The ShanMan on Podcasting

Interviewed by The ShanMan on Podcasting

So, finally I gave an interview on podcasting.

The Interview

I’ve been podcasting at Writer & Geek Show since Jun 2017. In doing so, I have researched a lot on the internet about podcasting. From the equipments required to the format and how long the episode should be - everything was a part of my research. Google, YouTube, blogs, I’ve been to countless sources trying to extract the last drops of knowledge on podcasting.

I was most satisfied with YouTube. I watched many videos on podcasting style, audio editing tutorials, microphone reviews etc. One channel in particular ended up being my favourite and that was run by ShanMan. He has very detailed and comprehensive videos related many different aspects of podcasting and he is a radio broadcaster by profession. Radio is one of my favourite things and it was fascinating to see him share his experiences and expertise in the channel. I was hooked.

So it was nothing less of a surprise and shock when I saw his message saying he wants to interview me on his channel! Frankly I have never been officially interviewed and I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. But Shannon is someone who makes you feel so at home that in a few minuted into that conversation we had at 2:30 am my local time, I felt that we were close friends who knew each other since years.

Anyway, it all went well and I was able to share some of my experiences and he has graciously published the interview on his channel. Please give it a watch: