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I must say that I feel a little proud of myself to be doing things  that I want to do and being a little better at managing time than what I  used to be a year ago. Much of it can be attributed to the one  commitment I made a year back, starting Writer & Geek Show.

I have learnt ways to find the time and stick to the commitments,  again, I am not yet there. It’s work in progress. But one thing that I  realised which I had only read before is that being busy isn’t not  having time, being busy is about managing your time carefully that you  do not spend it where it is not required.

I have never considered myself to be a very productive person, but  recently while having a conversation with a couple of my colleagues whom  I consider friends, they mentioned that I seemed to be mindful about my  free time and appeared to be utilising it well. To be frank, I am not  yet there, but it got me thinking. Yes, I do manage to find time to  cook, read, research for the podcast, spend time with family and all the  other stuff which I never used to do before. I used to feel all drained  and demotivated.

The biggest realisation that led to this was this:

Don’t wait for motivation to start something, motivation comes from starting.

Now my mornings during weekends look something like this:

A post shared by Vishnu Padmanabhan (@neoelemento) on May 9, 2018 at 8:54am PDT

Fancy ain’t it? Yeah well, that’s me being at my productive best. I love the ambience of a coffee house as I have mentioned before.  It helps me think and focus on one thing. Working from home is great,  but there can be distractions. So, I head out on mornings during  weekends in search of coffee shops and there are some really good ones  around.

Weekends are pretty much packed for me these days. Spending time with  near and dear ones, researching for the podcast (which takes  considerable time and effort), writing content for this website etc. I  love waking up early on weekends because I feel like I have a long day  ahead of me. Try it, start early on weekends. You’ll see how long a day  you’ve got. I know what Gary Vaynerchuk says, everything depends on what  you do from 8 to 2. Meaning 8 pm to 2 am. By this what he means is that  all depends on how you spend your time.

Being busy, well it might just not be what we thought. Being busy to me is to have a plan and be busy to do all the other stuff that does not fall under the plan.  That means, actually doing the stuff that I should be doing. Now, I am  only human. So there any many instances where things don’t go the way I  want them to, but I know what is the path I need to stick to.

I am not perfect in being productive, but when I am off, something  inside me tells that I am off. It’s like I have a feedback mechanism, so  it’s an awesomely good thing!


I am a software engineer, podcaster and audiophile from Bangalore, India. During my downtime, I dabble in photography, music and making YouTube videos about audio stuff, productivity, tech etc.

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