Worst moments can bring out the best

Worst moments can bring out the best

Sometimes screwed up situations in life can be a motivation for something awesome

I am always on a lookout for inspiration and one of the ways I do this is by reading blogs written by others. Not necessarily just motivational and goal oriented stuff, but I do love to read personal blogs as well. This gives me a view of the world from a different perspective. A perspective which you might have never seen the world from.

Since I started posting here regularly-ish I have had some of my friends share other blogs which they wanted me to check out and the ones they think are cool. I usually read them and give feedback on whether I liked the article or not. But recently a friend of mine, who also happens to be my colleague, very reluctantly shared his blog. It was active roughly during 2009 - 2014 and I was dumbfounded by the amazing gem of articles he has written over the years. Since the blog seems to be on hiatus, I have been trying my best to convince him to write again.

He writes in Malayalam which happens to be my mother-tongue as well. For this reason, I am able to understand and enjoy the raw humour and emotions behind his stories and still read them at least once a week. Last week, he shared a story with me which I think is an absolute example of making the best of the circumstances kind of thing. Although I’d love for you all to read the story yourself, I shall share a brief outline here. I am not trying to elaborate on the story since I cannot do justice reproducing it here, I’ll try and explain the events surrounding the situation.

The story is about a narrator who calls himself “Chithal” meaning termite in Malayalam (the entire blog is credited to Chithal). It was his daughter’s birthday eve and they were out shopping for the return gifts to be given to kids who were invited to the party. After shopping in a nearby shopping mall, they find out that it’d be sometime before they return back to their home. The story continues to explain the events where he does something that he later regrets and how he makes up for it. It’s a really good little tale and seems so real that I had to ask him if the events did happen in real life. He said it was inspired by a real-life incident and the frustrating thing that happened after shopping was real. This frustration is what lead to the development of the story. This is the inspiring part. He took a screwed up situation from life and created something out of it!

Exactly like the sparkler above burning to produce that lovely sparkling firework.

I’ll share the link to the story towards the end of this post and if you know Malayalam you can enjoy it. I have been coercing him to start writing again and perhaps he might need a little more push. Who knows if he gets some feedback, he might even go ahead and release an English translation of the story. Thank you, Mr Chithal for sharing this awesome story and your blog, I really enjoyed it!

Here is the story: Return Gift

Please go ahead and read it and show some love. If y’all support, we can motivate him to write again.

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