So, another year flew by very quickly. In many ways, 2016 was an eventful year. More of negatives than positives I think. I am not going to recount all of them here. The latest being death of George Michael and Carrie Fisher’s cardiac arrest death (on 27th Dec.). Looks like we want 2016 to go away quickly.

I am not very obsessed with the new year’s hype because, after the day one, it is like any other normal day. It is just a way of measuring days for me. In fact if we are celebrating the new year, we should be celebrating new day, new week and new month as well. Why not? Don’t you think?

For some of us, this is the time to look back at the year with dismay, thinking about all the stuff that you could’ve done but you didn’t do. C’mon, cut yourself some slack. It wasn’t all that bad! Remember the days when you woke up all energised and driven to take on the day. Yes? Good, see it wasn’t all bad. Oh wait, what? No? Fine, those days will come in 2017.

If you want to compare, it should be a past you vs present you comparison and not you vs someone else comparison. Most of the times this you vs someone else comparison just does not make sense. Everyone has different priorities. So, rather compare what you are today to what you were tomorrow.

If I go back to Dec 2015, I remember thinking about my plans for 2016. Though I have done a lot in 2016, I can say with some disappointment that I did not achieve many of my goals. But that should not be discouraging. Lack of achievement was because of lack of focus. Those are the goals toward which I haven’t worked for.

Try to focus on the things that you have improved upon. Look at how you are a better person today when compared to tomorrow. Have you improved your skills, did you meet your friends after a long time? Did you do something good for your family? Did you go on a trip that made you happy? The rejoice! You have become better that what you were.

It doesn’t make sense to have new year’s resolutions too. If you are keen about resolutions, you can even start on Dec 17th or any arbitrary date. You doing something is far more important than setting up a resolution for the new year.

For me, 2016 was a fulfilling year with ups and down but mostly ups. Learned a good deal about people and also ES6 :wink:. For the first time, I was the best man for my friend’s wedding, that was an amazing experience. This was the year I actually started having meaningful road trips and thoroughly enjoyed them as well. Also, I turned 30! (Which contrary to belief, didn’t feel like a big deal)

I don’t make resolutions as such, but if you ask me, I do have some plans. Here are few of them:

  • Be better at programming than ever. Learn more JavaScript.
  • Write more, especially about technology - JavaScript.
  • Be fit. Reduce weight to be precise.
  • I have a song in mind that I want to play on the guitar. More about it in another post.
  • More road trips, driving down to places even further than I have ever been.
  • Send parents for a trip of their own, abroad.
  • Travel. To far away places.

For me, a year is a timeline to look back and see how far I’ve come from what I was the previous year and this time I am proud of where I am now and I hope it continues the next year too.

As for the world, I hope that we will have more peaceful times ahead though the current climate clearly doesn’t make us feel so. We have had some really unexpected events that happened in 2016. There are few more days, but all is well.

Hoping that coming year will be better, for all.

Thanks for all the lessons 2016, bring it on 2017…