After a year or so

After a year or so

You always gravitate to what you love, or so I think

Its been almost a year since I left coding and also updating this blog. This was supposed to be my code blog. But various things kept me away from actively coding (yeah the regular excuses :wink:). Anyway, I happened to read somewhere that Laravel 5.6 was released, so wanted to see what has changed.

I have used Laravel since it was in 4.1, I think sometime back in early 2014 sometime. I had never used a framework till then but was amazed at the ease of building a web application using this wonderful framework. I was hooked. I was working for a startup company at that time and we launched a few projects in Laravel. It was fun!

Laravel grew really fast into a popular PHP framework. Along with that JavaScript was also undergoing transformations. I feel this is an exciting time to be back coding. So, I have a couple of side projects on my mind and have already started coding them. This should be interesting.

Along the way, I hope I can share some bits of knowledge and my way around obstacles that I encounter as I code along. New beginnings, again!

“This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.”
- Taylor Swift