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9 years

9 years

. 2 min read

It’s been 9 years since I left college as of 3rd July,  2018. Doesn’t seem like a long time but college does seem like something  that happened in a different lifetime. I say this because I clearly  remember the last day of my stay in the hostel. It wasn’t a pleasant  experience. I had written a story based on this few years back in one of  my old blogs. The first chapter was a recap of that day. I might reproduce that on this blog someday if I feel like.

In a human life, 9 years is a long time. If you live for 90 years,  this is 10% of your lifetime. You come out of the college as a 20  something and the next few years are your “experiencing” years. You  learn much more than what you have learnt in the two decades before  that. For me, it has been a phenomenal time. I am not saying that all of  it was wonderful. There were some really crappy times.

Time flies. You never realize until it is past.

I learnt a lot about life and people throughout my college life and  more than my academic studies, I consider that to be my education. So  the money and time spent were worth it. If I could go back and re-live  those days? Perhaps I’d just change the way I was and focus on things  that matter and not give a shit about many of the dumb things I might  have focused on. Probably would’ve been a more cheerful guy. But hey, no  regrets. I am proud of what I am now, so whatever leads me to this is  all great.

My messy dorm room and I. Not sure why I am sharing this here. But to be fair, Renjith put equal effort in keeping it messy!

There were a lot of friends around who have grown apart and very few  remain. People come and go, right ones do stay back longer and some of  they stay forever as friends as family. I am thankful for that. I am  thankful for the college and the less than a perfect  environment that it provided. Helped me in being strong and more  adaptable. I can list out a number of things that were wrong, but I do  not need to. Instead, I take it that it was my journey. My journey of  leaving behind being a kid and being an adult although deep inside, you  never really grow up.

Do I miss those days? Maybe not, but there are some moments that I  wouldn’t mind living again. Because they were fun. Maybe I just learnt  to move on.


I am a software engineer and podcaster from Bangalore, India. During my downtime, I dabble in photography, little music and making YouTube videos about lifestyle, productivity, tech etc.

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