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Three Years Have Passed By

Three Years Have Passed By

. 1 min read

Just leaning back to my comfortable chair in my office to relax my  eyes and to stretch my spine, out of nowhere the image of my college  came to my mind. Why these will-o-wisps graze my memory I do not know.  My eyes were drawn to the date on the news page open in my browser. The  third anniversary of leaving college behind has just passed by  unnoticed. Yes the day I left my college after completing my  Engineering. I have a fair recollection of the day. The feeling was not  really good.

That morning, the same station and the same platform where I had  boarded countless trains to travel to my home town and was many a times  happy about it, I was feeling drained. Four years had just passed by and  a chapter in my life is closed. I was a little scared. To come out to  the real world. The world inside the hostel, the college was safe. I am  exposed now, to the real world.

A sharp ping from my system indicated that the deployment was over.  It bought me back. To my workstation. Back to reality. Back to the  future. With I smile I realized…. Three long years have passed by.